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Thursday, May 4, 2017

They've just named a road after me!


Just one year short of twenty-five in the area, and they've finally named a road after me! Not a major one - and there's the small matter of a spelling mistake - but who am I to complain? (in fact, who am I? - but let's leave that question for another day).

Not that they had the decency to inform me as I discovered it purely by chance when I drove into the Bay for some quick shopping. I needed some unleaded fuel for the ride-on, the birds were running out of their sunflower seeds, and I was on my last can of pea & ham soup.

While I was down there, I thought I'd also call into Centrelink to claim my miniscule Medibank rebate on my last visit to the dermatologist. I'd been carrying his invoice in my wallet for the last couple of months as I'm reluctant to queue up with all those 'marginalised' people who seem to have plenty of margin left over for tattoos and studs through various body parts, to say nothing of their spikey, multi-coloured hairdos.



It was like entering a third-world country, and I resisted the urge to recover from the experience by sitting down at the Coffee Club for a cuppa and a piece of my favourite bee sting cake.

Instead, I headed straight back out of town, gave "my" road a quick wave, and was soon back at "Riverbend" where I made a nice cup of coffee and cut myself a thick slice of Madeira cake. Life is so good.


P.S. To all those who phoned and emailed in their spelling correction, PLEASE WASH YOUR COLLECTIVE MOUTHS OUT! The correct spelling is, of course, OLD PETE'S ROAD. Thank you!