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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Those were the days


Those were indeed innocent days which allows me to publish these old photos today without risking some back-dated claims for maintenance. Back then my personality and my nerdy looks were the only contraceptives I needed.


For starters, I have no recollection of who those people are or what their names were, although the one in the picture above may have been called Mary - I mean, she had that Mary-Hopkin look, right down to that mole on her right upper chin, don't you think?


Ditto with this lot but I recall that the party was held at Canberra's Deakin Inn sometime in 1966 by which time my English was already good enough for me to mumble, "Yes, please; I'll have another one!"


And I've no idea why this girl - whoever she was - singled me out. Maybe she needed someone to lean on. It certainly wasn't the grey flannel suit I'd been wearing since my articled years in Germany.


Drinks of choice in those days were jugs of beer for the boys and Barossa Pearl for the girls who clutched imitation gold lamé bags while the boys clutched at straws trying to look like Ringo Starr.

Those were the days!