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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fake refugees are no fake news


Six Iranian boat people were caught holidaying in their homeland after lying on their visa applications about fearing for their lives if they had to return there.

The Iranians, who paid people smugglers to get to Australia, were given protection visas after claiming their lives would be in danger if they returned to Iran.

One made three return trips to Iran after getting his Australian visa, including one to get married under Islamic law, an event conducted by the Iranian authorities he was supposedly terrified of;

Another claimed to be on an Iranian wanted list, but the Immigration Department later discovered the person was in no danger by returning to Iran and was an economic migrant rather than a genuine refugee;

A couple who arrived by boat claimed to have no identification documents and they would be killed if they returned to Iran, but later voluntarily travelled to Iran and back to Australia on valid Iranian passports; and

Two Iranian family members claimed to be stateless with no identity documents — a lie discovered when another family member applied to join them in Australia and provided documents to show all were Iranian citizens who were in no danger of being persecuted in Iran.

But Administrative Appeals Tribunal bureaucrats have foiled Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s attempts to deport the Iranians, allowing them to stay here regardless.

Tens of thousands of people who are well qualified and could make a real contribution to this country are queueing up to come here and we bother with cheats and liars who are living off the public purse. Boot out those fake AAT bureaucrats together with those fake refugees.