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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A $660 "Wolf Blass" Red Label bottle of wine

Johan and the Boys in Blue


Johan, our Dutch cottage guest at Christmas 2013, had a little too much "Dutch courage" on his last night out and got caught crossing the bridge on their way back to "Riverbend" - see here.

As he explained in the following message, today is the end of his 12-month good behaviour bond:

"Hi Peter and Padma, Today is worth a celebration: a year ago I was dragged before the magistrate to be sentenced to either a driving restriction and a fine, to go to prison for some time, or have a good behaviour bond imposed on me. After a $660 legal representation, the latter happened and I have survived the ordeal. On that evening in Batemans Bay I had my most expensive "Wolf Blass" Red Label bottle of wine of my entire life. Thanks for your support as well as your friendship. Kind regard, Johan"

Johan, the next bottle of red will be on the house and inside the cottage right here at "Riverbend", far away from the Boys in Blue.