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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cinema Paradiso


Our Cottage guests from the U.K. have left again and I was going to start on my usual chores, some of which require the assistance of my trusty helper Troy but he's just phoned to say he won't be here today.

He's been in hospital in Canberra since Tuesday, getting used to the idea of becoming a father. Last night he did become a father, albeit not quite used to the idea, when his wife Michelle gave birth to a girl.

Congratulations, Michelle and Troy!

The forecast is for a hot day, so I may stay indoors and watch one of the movies I recently bought on ebay:

The Year My Voice Broke

Winter of Our Dreams

Tea With Mussolini


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Tomorrow is "Ulladulla Day" with a spot of swimming, lunch at the club, followed by some 'retail therapy', and that's just about it for another week, and almost for another month. Where does time go?