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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Letter to the Eurobodalla Shire Council

The broken culvert

The fence's corner panels looking up the lane

The fence's corner panels looking down the lane



Letter to the Eurobodalla Shire Council:

"I have owned the property at 35-39 Sproxtons Lane, Nelligen since December 1993. For many years the bottom of the lane was almost impassable after heavy rain. You fixed this some years ago by installing a culvert, for which I am grateful. However, this culvert is no longer fully embedded in sand and the few heavy vehicles that come down the lane (the heavy garbage truck being one) have cracked the top of the concrete pipe - see first picture above. This crack will get bigger and eventually the whole culvert will collapse. Could you please prevent this from happening? (While on the subject and as an aside, could you please explain to me why you only ever sealed half the lane?)

Our neighbours across the lane at 33 Sproxtons Lane deserted their property sometime in early 2012 after others complained about their Colourbond fence and Council ordered it to be taken down (DA 106/13). I was not one of the complainants because, as I explained to them, I had grown up in the shadow of the Berlin Wall and was used to ugly and imposing fences. However, since the matter is now in the open (or should that be 'open warfare'?) and half the fence has already been pulled down, it may make sense to remove two more corner panels - see second and third picture above - which create a dangerous 'blind corner'. We are already used to it and turn the corner with great care but not everybody does and one day a nasty accident may happen unless full visibility is restored."