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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Who's been sleeping on my day bed?


Well, unlike Snow White, little Sarah isn't old enough yet to sit in my chair or eat off my plate or use my fork or drink from my cup but she certainly took to my day bed inside the 'Clubhouse' by the pond. Sarah bobo!

Anyway, I didn't mind as her parents' visit to Riverbend gave me a break from the many chores around the place. I'm still trying to cultivate friendships with carpenters, electricians, mechanics, painters, plumbers, and shipwrights to give me a hand. All I have done so far is to befriend an ex-scaffolder with a fear of heights ☺

Never mind, Tod; as long as there's glass and a half of milk in every bar of Cadbury chocolate, you're welcome to do a spot of fishing at Riverbend! ☺ (did I mention that Tod is a Cadbury sales rep with his pockets full of samples?)