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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Travelling North


Mozart's G minor String Quintet K.516 played against a backdrop of sweltering heat, sudden downpours and tropical sunsets. That's Travelling North, a soft, quiet film whose enjoyment hinges entirely on how much you can identify with the people in it.

I have many favourite films and Travelling North is my favourite among my favourites (well, if you don't count The Castle ☺), perhaps because I can identify with many of its memorable lines. Such as "I've had an interesting life. In fact, my life has been so interesting, I can scarcely believe I had it but now all I want is tranquillity" or Frank's repeated line “One thing I'll have to face about myself, I suppose, is that while I've always loved mankind in general, I have been less than generous to some of those I've been involved with in particular.”

And also because I myself will travel north when Riverbend is sold.