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Monday, February 23, 2015

This is your Life Change


After Tribewanted and Barefoot in Tonga (since covered up again), we now have This is your Life Change.

Of course, Vorovoro is the same island that hosted Tribewanted before moving on to Umbria, Bali, Sierra Leone and Mozambique, making zillions for Ben Keene who's from the U.K. This is your Life Change's founder Mark Bowness, a former school cleaner, is also from the U.K. (must be something in the water).

Go ahead and click on "Apply for your Life Change"! As the blurb says, "You could be a teenage mum in New York, a corporate lawyer in London or an unemployed graduate in Melbourne" (they sure got Australia figured out! ☺)

Anyway, I applied! Where it asks, "5 Reasons We Should Choose You (convince us!)", I wrote,

1) Because I'm an easy touch!
2) Because I'm an easy touch!
3) Because I'm an easy touch!
4) Because I'm an easy touch!
5) Because I'm an easy touch!

That should convince them!