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Monday, February 9, 2015

It's a rainy morning but that's not stopping me from doing my usual thing


After yesterday's heatwave, this morning's drizzle is a good excuse to get back to my usual thing: reading. I started as soon as I had had my breakfast. After all, you can't read all day if you don't start in the morning ☺

Today's treat is Michael Lewis's Flash Boys - A Wall Street Revolt which I had picked up as soon as I had finished with Liar's Poker.

On the movie front, I recently ordered The Year My Voice Broke, a coming-of-age film set in the early 60s and filmed in Braidwood, just up the road from here.



It'll bring back memories of Police Boys' Club dances, boys to one side, girls on the other, the mad rush when the band started, the illicit alcohol out the back, and the inevitable rejection when the girl I'd danced with discovered that 'taking her home' would mean public transport as I didn't own a car. In those days, 95% of a young man's personality was his car - it probably still is - and its non-existence kept me out of a lot of trouble! ☺