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Saturday, February 11, 2017

At last our Government is growing some backbone


Australian Islamic State (IS) fighter Khaled Sharrouf has become the first dual national to be stripped of their citizenship under the Federal Government's anti-terror laws.

National security sources confirmed the 35-year-old's citizenship had been revoked, meaning he cannot legally return to Australia if he chooses to leave the Middle East.

The convicted terrorist slipped out of Australia in 2013 using his brother's passport and travelled to Syria with fellow Sydney man Mohamed Elomar to join the Islamic State terrorist group.

The pair shot to global infamy the following year when photos were posted online of them, and Sharrouf's seven-year-old son, holding the severed heads of pro-Syrian Government soldiers.

This is the first time the controversial legislation has been used after lawyers had previously raised concerns about its constitutionality, fairness and transparency.

The Federal Government believes more than 100 Australians are fighting alongside terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Many of them could be targeted under the anti-terror legislation.

Well done, Immigration Minister Dutton! And let's not stop at dual nationals: anyone who engages in such bestialities should be stripped of their Australian citizenship. And don't let them think they can dump their dependants left behind in Australia on the public purse: cut their government benefits as well. Unconstitutional? Well, then let's rewrite the Constitution to make it more relevant. After all, back in 1901 no such 'animals' roamed our streets.