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Thursday, February 9, 2017

The heat is on


In another first, Australia has the world's highest-paid postie with Australia Post's managing director Ahmed Fahour pulling in a staggering $5.6 million last financial year.

"That's a lot of postage stamps!" South Australian Senator Xenophon stickily remarked. ""What I have balked at ... is the fact that this was meant to be kept secret", because Australia Post claimed that it would otherwise result in "unwarranted media attention". You bet! I have already decided to buy my postage stamps elsewhere!

Amid a furore over his wages last year, Mr Fahour opted to forego his $2 million "bonus". He donated the money to a charity, the ­Islamic Museum of Australia, which is run by his brother. That way he gets a fat tax deduction on top of the money which stays in the family.

Meanwhile, the heatwave continues, with Victoria sweltering through its first heatwave of the summer, with temperatures tipped to soar to 44 degrees Celsius in northern areas today.

It got so hot that a shearer nicknamed Telf stripped right down to his socks which he kept on to protect his dainty feet. "No nicks on the sheep and no nicks on me", he sheepishly said when the job was done.