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Thursday, February 9, 2017



The tree feller fellas came today to take down the big gum beside what was once the tennis court. As driver Buddy - of unknown pedigree - expertly gunned the truck into reverse, the rest of the crew strapped into their safety gear and started to climb just as the temperature began to do the same.


"Spiderman" Wayne trimmed off the branches one by one ...

... before dropping the huge trunk with an almighty big thump which could be heard all the way to the Tree Preservation Society.

A whole metre in diameter. No need to measure its circumference: just remember π
(but not the steak-and-kidney one! ☺)

Then the rest of the crew cranked up their chainsaws ...

... and turned the whole thing into a giant loaf of sliced bread ...

... while the Kiwi in the crew - the latest in a long line to raise
the IQ of both our countries - wielded the stump grinder.

Six hours and fifteen hundred dollars later it was all cut and chipped!

I was just going to send them an email to thank them for a job well done, when this arrived: "Afternoon Peter, If all our clients where as easy to get along with as you, life would be a whole lot better. Thank you for the work and your hospitality. Regards Rob Eurochip Total Tree Service". I think in today's cryptic language that's a win-win, isn't it?