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Thursday, April 20, 2017

I'll never eat pork again!


I picked the wrong day to be in town as it was "Pension Day" and every single mother and every unemployable filled the local shopping mall. I thought of taking up Michel's misspelled offer of "every beveridge only $5" but couldn't find a vacant table among their not-so-everidge-looking spikey-and-purple-haired, tattooed, and lip- and ear- and eyebrow-studded clientele.



Just as well because at the other end of the mall the feeding of the baby farm animals had begun. Little Babe was the star performer and made me swear off ever eating pork again!


P.S. This blog elicited a response from a former ANZ Bank colleague of oh-so-long-ago. It shows her serving pigs rather than people some time before she joined the banking service. She is the one with the curly hair, not the curly tail! Just as I remembered you, Colleen, and the white collar is almost like the one you wore with your bank uniform. ☺

Colleen is half-hidden behind Porky and Bess ☺