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Monday, April 24, 2017

I've been to Bali too, but not for a while


I would've been listening to Radio National's BooksPlus last night when Padma touched down in Bali where she was met at Ngurah Rai International Airport by HARRIS Tuban's smiling staff in their bright orange uniforms which make them stick out in the airport melee like - well, like smiling oranges ☺


Close to the main shopping areas and nightlife spots, HARRIS Tuban is just a short walk from Kuta beach and entertainment spots and restaurants and yet is situated in an incredibly quiet location. It offers a free shuttle service to the airport which is only 2 minutes away.


After or before a long flight, HARRIS Tuban - it's walking distance from the airport but why walk when their smiling staff in their bright orange uniforms will drive you in their bright orange van? - is the perfect place to start or end a visit to Bali. We've been staying there for years.



Padma phoned this morning after she'd had her long longed-for spicy Indonesian breakfast and bought herself an Indonesian SIM card. She's getting ready for her flight to Surabaya which is less than an hour and, because Surabaya is one hour behind Bali, will get her there before she's even left Bali. Must be time again that I've been to Bali too!