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Sunday, April 16, 2017

The vulgar boatmen


This being the long Easter weekend, there are quite a few on the river. And with the house only metres from the river and me sitting on the verandah in the sun and lost in a state of quiet reverie, they're sometimes hard to ignore.

Just now a foul-mouthed foursome in a tinny with tinnies in their hands drifted past. Seeing the  FOR SALE -sign by the jetty, they yelled out, "Hey, mate, emma chisit?" I didn't have the heart to tell them that their Centrelink benefits wouldn't even cover the repayments.

Not wanting any further interruptions, I've nailed an additional sign to the front gate and gone, Graham Greene's "Travels with My Aunt" and glass of wine in hand, to the more secluded 'clubhouse' by the pond.


A friend just emailed me, "Very intimidating signs on the entrance gate and very likely to promote serious vandalism from those so inclined. Is this a photoshop spoof or the real thing? If it’s real and necessary I would suggest that you move; immediately or sooner."
Gotcha, Chris! ☺


Now don't get the wrong impression: I don't drink wine all the time. Only when I'm happy or stressed, or relaxing alone or with friends, or when I'm busy or lazy - or being annoyed by vulgar boatmen.



P.S. If you're not into reading, watch the novel's movie adaptation which departs hugely from the original story but has Maggie Smith's stellar performance to make up for it.