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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The neighbours are back!


Last January's Australia Day fell on a Thursday which meant employees were supposed to work on the following Friday. Boohoo! Next week's ANZAC Day falls on a Tuesday and employees are supposed to show up for work on the preceding Monday which is tomorrow. More boohoo!

Judging by the traffic on the river I suspect that a lot of people are scoring themselves a four-day weekend by "chucking a sickie", one of Australia's proudest pastimes according to statistics which show that on any given weekday, approximately 300,000 Aussies are taking a sickie.

Excuses range from "I couldn't come in because my cat was throwing up" or "My hamster died" to "The dog ate my shoes" and "The lady down the road had just hung her sheets out and I didn't want to drive past and get dust on them".



The skipper of MV Tenacity needs no such excuse. He sold his Photofast Camera House in the Bay well before digital photography killed it off, and since then regularly anchors his floating gin palace off Riverbend. Maybe my internet connection is faster than anybody else's. ☺