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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mine is on the left

I take the bigger can because I'm bigger than him ☺


Little Rover and I will do a lot of male-bonding over the next few weeks while Padma is away in Surabaya. I've already laid out all that's needed: one spoon, one fork, one knife, one cup, plus two plates - one for Rover and one for me - to say nothing of the ever-handy can-opener.

We had to get up well before 4 o'clock to catch the 5.45 a.m. bus from Batemans Bay to Sydney airport. I had bought a new alarm clock to make absolutely sure that I wouldn't oversleep. Its ticktock was louder than the alarm itself so when 4 o'clock came around, I was still awake.

I'm back at "Riverbend" now and already pulled up the drawbridge and lowered the portcullis - just kidding; I only fixed razor-wire to the top of the gate! ☺ - because I want to enjoy my newfound 'alone-ness'.

I also pulled the battery from that noisy alarm clock because for the next few weeks I'll sleep when I want to sleep, get up when I want to get up, eat when I want to eat, drink when I want to drink ... (I spare you the rest of my bodily functions).