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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Not getting fit; just getting old

Here's a loose translation for the few who don't speak the Kaiser's German:
"I'm now at an age when upon waking up I search my feet for a toe tag"


Padma's way of dealing with domestic violence is to attend some weekly boxing classes at the local Rock on Fitness (only kidding; she prefers slow strangulation! ☺)

She wanted me to come along and afterwards visit the country market at Moruya but, taking one look at the golden morning sun reflecting off the river (after having checked for a toe tag first ☺), I decided to stay put at "Riverbend".

I mean, where else could I have a library full of interesting books and wonderful movies, a fridge full of good food and cold beer, and total and absolute peace and quiet far away from the troubles of the world?

It may not be the best place to get fit but it's certainly the perfect place to grow old!