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Friday, June 23, 2017

And then there were none


You will know by now that I hardly ever miss a chance to make a literary allusion, and what better chance is there than to allude to Agatha Christie's masterpiece. Which sprang to my mind when I came back from the Bay yesterday and saw a big fat SOLD sticker across the "For Sale" sign at # 31 Sproxton Lane, a 1719.9m2 block of vacant waterfront land that sold just now for $750,000.



It was the last piece of real estate for sale in the lane other than "Riverbend". So what price for twenty times the land size plus a huge two-storey house, library, cottage, workshop, horse shed, clubhouse by the pond, and all the fencing and landscaping done? Oh, and I almost forget the twenty-five benches!



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