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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

No agent - I'll do it better myself


Those who follow my blog will know my opinion of real estate agents: 'useless' is perhaps the least offensive term. Why would you pay someone thousands of dollars for doing no more than drive someone out to your place for a look-see?

A taxi-driver would do it for a lot less. In fact, some agents are ex-taxi-drivers and a lot of other ex-es besides, but never ex-cellent!

After all, what do they do other than list your property on the internet and then wait to drive someone out to it? I can do that better myself!

A lot of others seem to have come to the same conclusion, judging by the growing number of do-it-yourself real estate internet portals:

These DIY-merketers have become so numerous they themselves are now fighting for market share, with one offering me a listing at a hugely discounted fee and another at no cost at all.

Of course, selling directly through the internet is the way of the future, and at least one local agent seems to have realised this by offering the same sort of do-it-yourself package: click here.

Good on ya, Beaches & Bush Properties. Welcome to the future in real estate sales and thank you for no longer beating around the bush!