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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nothing on the telly? Try this one!

'Flirting' is a kind-of-sequel to 'The Year My Voice Broke'


Set in country New South Wales in 1962 and capturing an orange-hued panorama of small hills and sunny pastures, this movie is as much about watching as remembering.

And if you've driven through Braidwood as often as I have, you'll remember that granite-boulder-strewn landscape and recognise the street scenes, the milkbar and the Royal Mail Hotel, replete with dartboard, grotty counter, specials blackboards, and sweaty locals.

All good memories. Enjoy!


P.S. Driving into Braidwood, there used to be this big sign that said, "Royal Mail Hotel - Cheap Accamation". Being the pedant that I am, I couldn't resist stopping for a beer and telling the publican, "That sign of yours, you know ...". "I know", he said, "but it's good for business as people keep coming in for a beer to tell me about it." Just to show him that it's still working, I've been stopping there for a beer ever since.