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Monday, June 12, 2017

Bugger off


What a pity that Bugger off is not an approved traffic sign because, despite the clearly visible "No River Access" and a further "No Through Road" sign after the turn, they keep on coming down Sproxton Lane.

And they bring their boats and caravans along with them in the hope of getting onto or at least close to the river, only to find out that my gate stops them from getting there.

Some walk in and ask me - some drive straight in and don't ask me - if they could launch their boat or do a spot of fishing. One happy family had already unpacked their folding chairs and picnic hamper before I could explain to them the meaning of the words 'private property'.

I don't think I'm unduly unkind. I may have access to the river but they have access to their city lawyers who'd sue the pants off me should anything happen to them on my property.

So, "bugger off" is probably not too strong a term to use next time someone wants to launch their boat or do a spot of fishing.