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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good on ya, BBC!


Muslims in the U.K. have a meltdown after the BBC aired ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’. I just wished our ABC had the balls to do something like this because satire is the best way to expose this idiotic ideology.

And good ol' Larry Pickering seems to be really onto something when he wrote, "... one constant with suicide bombers is that they are all as thick as pig shit. And we can use that to our advantage."

And he continues, "Integral to their belief in Islam is the afterlife and anyone who believes in that is either a wanker or flat out gullible. You see, all humans have an innate fear of death, it’s simply unacceptable that people should decompose as maggot food as do dead fish and roadkill. So they believe their heroes are still live, like Elvis, Jesus and Mohammed. Are you still with me? Please stay, I won’t be long."

"... Suicide bombers believe they are going to die as martyrs in the process of eliminating infidels, that’s part of the exercise. Their families and friends also believe their sons will die martyrs and they too will reap rewards in heaven for assisting them."

"... Let’s take this suicidal Manchester bloke, now that this lone-wolf bullshit has been debunked. Does anyone seriously believe he is enjoying an orgy of virgins in heaven right now? Yet it was essential that HE believed that or he would not have agreed to top himself. So what if we scraped the flying mince off the walls and pavement, placed it all in a glass urn and baptised him as a Christian with all the attendant rites and ceremony, viewed through a television network."

"The world must know that every suicidal murderer from now on will be baptised as a Christian post death, thereby negating the rewards of the Islamic belief system. He has never been baptised before because the Koran says he, and everyone else, was already born a Muslim."

"We will baptise and give a Christian burial to all successful suicidal Muslim terrorists, and they need to know that will happen!"
Read more in The Pickering Post.

It's a no-brainer and, although not politically correct, it is, according to Larry, legal! It would also save this mad Muslim fighter the trouble of carrying a huge concrete block to protect his crown jewels so as not to disappoint those 72 virgins when he gets there because he won't.