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Thursday, June 29, 2017



Today my usual 10-minutes down the highway, 10-minutes inside ALDI, and 10-minutes back up the highhway shopping routine turned into an hour-long gridlock, as all traffic was halted on both the Princes Highway and Beach Road.

Some quarter of an hour later, vehicles with flashing lights announced an "OVERSIZE LOAD" which turned out to be a giant catamaran the size of a house - well, two houses! I don't know how the truck driver got round that tight corner into Beach Road but he had no option as this monster of a yacht was heading for the slipway at Hanging Rock.

Sydneysiders (as they are quaintly known; Graham Kennedy used to call them Sydney-ites) put up with this kind of traffic all day every day.

Thank God - if we're still allowed to say this in this country - , the Bay is usually a quiet provincial town without traffic jams, without terror barriers, and without radical moose lambs - and may it stay that way!