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Friday, June 9, 2017

The book you read when you're not reading a book


In his earlier bestselling books THE WORLD FROM ITALY and THE WORLD FROM ISLAM, George Negus, one of Australia's most respected journalists, gave us his unique 'Australian internationalist's perspective' on post-communism, the world game of football, God, the Muslim faith and even terrorism.

Now, in the same easy, conversational, but provocative style via his 'chat with recent history' he unravels the world's big issues - the things that concern, perplex and provoke us all - in THE WORLD FROM DOWN UNDER - A Chat with Recent History. Read a few sample pages here.

Don’t buy THE WORLD FROM DOWN UNDER just because you enjoy watching George Negus on the box. Don’t buy it just because you appreciate fine writing. Buy it and read it because it will change how you see Australia and the issues that are of the gravest importance to us in the coming decades.