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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Taxing times


The taxman has just sent me a friendly letter which reads, "Last year you lodged a paper tax return, but did you know that it is easier to lodge your return online with myTax?"

Yes, I did know and I did try to lodge my return online last year, but I got stuffed around so much that in the end I went back to the good old paper tax return.

Letting bygones be bygones I tried again this year - with the same results: "Page not found" and "Cannot find link" errors at almost every turn. So I tried to order my paper tax return form - online, of course! With the same result: "Page not found".

In desperation I phoned their automated ordering service on 1300 720 092. Speaking to an automated voice, I finally got the order through, but only just. It seems their voice recognition program has trouble dealing with a thick German accent.


P.S. Just heard on the evening news that the Australian Taxation Office's website crashed today. Seems everything I touch crashes: first the stock market and now the ATO's website  ☺