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Friday, July 14, 2017

Make America Read Again


The time will come when they wished they had, especially this book by journalists, authors, and Washington Post reporter and senior editor respectively, Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher, the 431-page "Trump Revealed".

The blurb states, "Authoritative, timely, and provocative, this deeply researched biography of Donald Trump provides a complex portrait of the man who -- despite broad skepticism -- could be the next president of the United States."

Could? He did become the United States' 45th president which is all the more reason to make America read (again) this very revealing biography.



And yet how different history could have been! Friedrich Trump, Donald Trump's grandfather, twenty years after arriving in the United States in 1885, tried to return to his home in the German village of Kallstadt for the sake of his homesick wife. But having left without doing mandatory military service, he looked to German authorities like a draft dodger and faced deportation, and so the couple returned to New York.

With just over a thousand inhabitants, Kallstadt gained international media attention as the ancestral home of not only the Trump family but also the related Heinz family - but that's an entirely separate can of beans. In his 1987 book, “Trump: The Art of the Deal”, Trump claimed not German but Swedish ancestry. In a later interview, he said he could not recall why he referred to Swedish heritage. Fake news again?

The house in Kallstadt where Trump's grandfather was born still stands and has so far escaped the attention another house attracted in Braunau am Inn in neighbouring Austria. That house was to be demolished as it had been the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. In the end, despite fears that it could become a shrine for neo-Fascists, it was turned into a centre for people with learning difficulties. How utterly appropriate!



P.S. Here are two interesting articles: "Trump’s Russian Laundromat" and Why Trump Loyalists Should Care About the Russia Scandal.