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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What your dog wants


No need to buy the book because I know exactly what my dog wants: F-O-O-D ! Nor did I buy the latest in pulp fiction, "Schapelle, The Final Chapter - Coming Home". They should've kept her in Bali. Australia gained nothing by getting back a convicted drug smuggler.

What I did buy was the DVD "Red Dog - True Blue" (which is the prequel to "Red Dog") plus some groceries plus some more dog food (of course!)

I then went to the public library to print out the end-of-financial-year stuff for my tax return. Yes, I do have a printer; I just can't get it to work. You'd never know that people used to pay me $125 an hour for my expertise in computers, would you? That was twenty years ago. Now I couldn't give a stuff about all that stuff and just go to the local library.

Met my German friends Helene and Othmar and discussed "den Sinn des Lebens" over a hot chocolate at the Coffee Club. On my way there I met an elderly couple pushing a pram with a bespectacled baby inside. I was just going to express my surprise at someone so little already wearing glasses, when I discovered that it was a very lifelike doll. Turned out their child had died and this was their way of coping. Makes my talking to the trees seem like a downright intellectual exercise, doesn't it?

Now I'm back at "Riverbend". It's all peace and quiet, the sun is shining, the temperature is close to 20 degrees and, if you can believe Robert Browning, God's in his heaven, and all's right with the world.