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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

After fake news comes fake Dundee


The greatest name in the outback is back! Only this time, Dundee isn’t a Hollywood movie. It’s a giant tourism ad for Australia. The creative pitch to bring back Crocodile Dundee has sparked a petition to resurrect the film franchise.

The Paul Hogan blockbuster was Australia’s biggest hit at the local box office with $48 million in ticket sales, while its sequel, Crocodile Dundee 2 banked $24.9 million for Hoges, his business partner John Cornell and other savvy investors.

The classic fish-out-of-water tale saw an Akubra-clad Mick Dundee travel from the wilds of the Northern Territory to New York, where he saw off armed thugs with a slick smile and his trusty blade, with the famous line: ‘that’s not a knife, this is a knife.’

Thirty years on, "Bring back Dundee" tries to convince Paul Hogan and other actors to create a new instalment of Crocodile Dundee, perhaps this time complete with hearing aids and incontinence pads and walking frame plus withholding tax arrangement, so Hoges won't get sued again.