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Friday, February 23, 2018

The sun's come out and so have I

My altered view of the world from Nelligen's River Café


Admitting that some days I feel like filling the sink with coffee, sticking my head in and sucking it dry is all the coming out I want to do, and so I went over to the River Café for a long black and an altered view of the world.

The day hadn't started all that well: having buttered up a golden-brown piece of toast and piled on lashings of apricot jam, I took a big crunchy bite which turned out to be a broken-off tooth. My tooth! So rather than letting my tongue explore that newfound cavity every few seconds, I thought I'd take my mind of it by exploring the neighbourhood.

If you want to know what Nelligen was like in the sixties, come now because nothing much has changed. Yes, we do have some McMansions but they're aberrations from what it still an old-fashioned country town.


5. Catholic Church 7. Old Courthouse 8. Old Watchhouse 9. Old Schoolmaster's
Residence     10 Old Post Office     11. Mechanic's Institute     13. River Café


There is the old Post Office (now a B&B) and the Nelligen Mechanic's Institute (just one mechanic!); the old schoolmaster's residence and watchhouse (both now private residences, with the latter again being for sale); the courthouse (now the Anglican Church); and the Catholic Church in the highest and best location in town (isn't it always so?)



It's a long walk back across the bridge but I'm home again. The weekly garbage truck has been and gone and I've wheeled in the bin and made myself another cuppa. And I've rung the dentist for an appointment.



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