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Monday, February 26, 2018

Padma is back!


No derailment; no flat tyre; Padma is back! And so to celebrate her return, I ran a romantic bubble bath for her but she wasn't impressed which means I will just have to keep eating off the same old plate for a little longer (only kidding; I've been eating straight out of the can; still, it was a waste of good candles.)

And while I'm on the subject of water, it's been raining heavily all week-end, and the downpour continues. Even the possum refused to come out of his possum penthouse and I fed him apples and pears on a long stick.

Canberra copped it sweet with roads in Lyneham, Dickson, O'Connor, Turner and other northern suburbs completely washed out. Most of Northbourne Avenue, which is Canberra's main drag, was closed off.

No doubt, many of its overpaid and underworked public servants have taken a "sickie"" today which won't affect the departments' productivity much but probably save the nation a small fortune in bikkies and tea.

While Padma is watching television, I'm keeping one eye on the tide and the other on the river gauge at Brooman. Its last reading at 6 am shows 0.54 metre with a daily throughflow of 23 megalitres - a mere trickle!

That's the good thing about living next to a river and not on some inland plains: the river acts like a gigantic sluice which takes all the rain water straight out to the ocean.