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Saturday, February 17, 2018

No, it's not an unidentified flying object

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I had to bring forward my weekly shower and shave - everything else is still regular, thank you! - because just before nightfall an unidentified yacht dropped anchor only metres off "Riverbend". It turned out to be another Peter from Port Stephens sailing in a French-design OVNI yacht (which is a French acronym for 'Objet Volant Non-Identifié') "EKAZA", also known as an Alliage 38.

I introduced myself as Commodore-Secretary-and-only-Member of the Nelligen Yacht Club and we've "talked shop" ever since, particularly about his yacht which is an aluminium boat with a centreboard which, when retracted, lets this 38-footer draw as little as 70 centimetres!

Peter the happy skipper and retired maths teacher ...

... and Peter the happy visitor and retired accountant

It's still early morning now but I've heard some stirrings on the "EKAZA", so I'd better fire up the kitchen for a proper sailor's breakfast for two.