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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Our politicians have just put a ban on the one thing they can do right


With some politicians having such incredible family values that they can't restrict themselves to just one family, these signs have now been erected around Parliament House. As if the new "Bonk Ban" wasn't already enough bad news for Canberra's struggling motel owners.

Of course, those caught out could always point to Peter Costello's 2004 speech about "... one for your country" and say they were doing it for the good of the nation. They could also fall back on the Clinton defense, although it would get a bit tricky to then claim immaculate conception.

All of which just leaves the sticky issue of when a relationship is not a partnership but I'm sure they work that one out while the Murray-Darling is drying up, the country gets flogged off to the Indians and Chinese, our crumbling infrastructure is being privatised, and half the country goes on the national disability scheme (mental ills are the new bad back).

Already 70 per cent of Australia is uninhabitable because of desert, and the remaining 30 per cent is quickly becoming uninhabitable because of our politicians who've just put a ban on the one thing they can do right.