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Saturday, February 24, 2018

... and then there were two

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Has word got out that my WiFi still hasn't got a password on it, or is this bend in the river really such an alluring place that people keep dropping their anchors? TENACITY's been here since Wednesday and a houseboat has just joined her.

I'm as fond of FON (Freedom of Navigation) as the Chinese are as long as they don't crank up their ghetto blasters late at night. I may have been born to be wild but only until around 9 p.m. or so when RADIO NATIONAL kicks in and I listen to the news and then Phillip Adams' Late Night Live.

Phillip Adams has been the witty, smooth and informed voice of Late Night Live on ABC Radio National since 1991 and I have gone to bed with him ever since, and with its previous presenter Richard Ackland pretty much from the time I arrived back in Australia in 1985.

One of Phillip Adams' many books, Bedtime Stories - Tales from my 21 Years at RN's Late Night Live, published in 2012, reflects on the world leaders, thinkers, ideologues, crackpots and gurus he has interviewed. As he writes in the book's Preface:

"Late Night Live began as a part-time job, a way of rounding-off an already overcrowded day, but over the years became all-consuming. Its main purpose was/is neither to amuse nor entertain others but to further the education I'd managed to avoid in my brief, brutal years in Victoria's state school system."

Late Night Live still rounds off for me what are now leisurely days, and makes up for what was not enough education in a German 'Volksschule'.

And if you should have better things to do in bed at five past ten in the evening, you can always listen to the repeat at five past four the next afternoon or, if you don't live in Australia (in which case you have my fullest commiseration), you can listen to the podcasts by clicking here.