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Monday, February 12, 2018

Padma's sister's son has started his studies at Melbourne's Monash University


Which makes me his uncle but my mind doesn't work like that. I'm nobody's man from U.N.C.L.E. Padma has gone to Melbourne to help him settle into Rusden House and total peace and quiet has descended upon "Riverbend", the kind of total quiet that literally makes your ears ring.

No television, no loud music, just the occasional drip from a tap, the ticking of the clock, perhaps a bird song, or a fish splashing in the river, and with nobody making a claim upon my existence. In a word: bliss!

As for food, I'm back on spaghetti bolognese, savoury mince, lentil soup, baked beans on toast, three-minute noodles, mushroom-and-onion omelettes, and cheese-and-onion sandwiches. In a word: yummy!

Padma's sister's son (aka my nephew in case you don't like all those apostrophes) is studying actuarial science which involves maths to tell you when you're going to die. Judging by this clip, he's doing well!