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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It's all relative(s)!


The reason I'm showing you this movie is not because it is one of my favourite German movies - although it is - but because the opening scene shows my favourite mode of travel: by train (and by ship, if it comes to that).

I take it you've read Mark Twain's essay "The Awful German Language" and won't watch the movie to the end, so let's get to the point which is that I'm going to indulge in a bit train travel sometime in June or July.

Of course, at that time of year the only direction is north which is where a mate from my Bougainville days is holed up near Gladstone. When I suggested he'd join me on a trip further north, his reply was, "The only thing that gets under my skin is the sameness of life; so would be grateful to shoot through with you - wherever and whenever!" That's it then! We can share the memories of our days on Bougainville as well as the expenses and even the motel rooms.

Up on Bougainville we all shared dongas with someone else, although I didn't because I was senior staff and he didn't because he was in married accommodation with wife and kids. Anyway, I can always wear a pair of stilettos to stop people from thinking that we're two old farts doing a Charlie & Boots (yet to decide who's the Charlie and who plays Boots).

How is all this relative? Well, Padma's relatives are coming for a holiday to "Riverbend" in June or July which I'm sure they'll enjoy even more with me being at a safe distance. It's all relative(s)!