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Friday, February 11, 2022

A snapshot of suburban Australian life from a sorely missed time

To buy this little gem on ebay will set you back $40, so enjoy it while it's on YouTube


Did I mention that I love Australian movies? Well, here's another perfect little gem, completely unpretentious and consequently even more effective in its loving observation of these people and of the environment where they live.

"Return Home" is just a good little suburban social-realistic movie. Nothing much happens, and it feels good. It was shot on location in Henley Beach, an Adelaide suburb, at a service station on the corner of Military Road and Henley Beach Road. Throw in a few shops that close on Sundays and kids on BMXs powersliding across servo forecourts, and you’ll settle into the easy pace of this flick and its amazing ability to convince you that everything and everyone is going to be okay.

The film perfectly captures a summer in suburbia, the tree-lined streets, the fair, the beach and the pier, and the enjoyment and security these cultural icons bring, all so close to becoming a paradise lost. Don't take my word for it; hear what David Stratton has to say - click here.

Desmond, if this won't make you homesick, I don't know what will!

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