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Saturday, February 26, 2022

I've been looking for this movie for years

You can also watch it (without English subtitles) here
(you can also read the book here)


Almayer's Folly" was Joseph Conrad's first novel, published in 1895. It centres on the life of the Dutch trader Kaspar Almayer in the Borneo jungle who dreams of finding a hidden gold mine and becoming very wealthy.

The rest of the story is in the telling, and there is no better storyteller than Joseph Conrad. While everyone knows "Lord Jim" and the famous movie starring Peter O'Toole, there's been no attempt to turn any of Conrad's many other stories into a movie until the French produced, albeit in a far too contemporary setting, "La Folie Almayer". And then came the lavish Malaysian production "Hanyut", released in Indonesia under the title "Gunung Emas Almayer" (Almayer's Golden Mountain).

I've been looking for this movie for years, and then, suddenly, I found it not only here but also, under the title "Mountain of Gold", on YouTube.

It's time I put on my Joseph Conrad t-shirt, pour myself a gin & tonic, and watch this great movie on this rained-out-tropical-weather day!

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