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Sunday, February 13, 2022

You know the real estate market is crazy when ...

I encourage you to contact Kate Murphy right now - click here


this 'perfect weekender' is for sale at $295,000. As the advert suggests, it's "ready to just come and enjoy, complete with caravan and rustic shack, giving you the opportunity to hide out and enjoy nature, spot the odd echidna and family of kangaroos and native birds. Bushwalk or track to the famous Clarks lookout with a view through to Araluen Valley and experience the village lifestyle Majors Creek has to offer."

There are no photos of the interior but I'm sure it comes with a gourmet kitchen with stone benchtops and two-door fridge with ice and water dispenser, a bathroom with heated spa bath, a wood-panelled lounge with slow-combustion fireplace, and a master bedroom with ensuite.

It's located at 6a King Street in down-and-out-and-almost-but-not-quite-forgotten Majors Creek which, a few decades ago, wasn't much more than a scattered collection of ruined buildings, churches and a pub and which even today, a few decades later, still isn't much more than that.

The Elrington Hotel

The pub ought to come in handy when you want to drown your sorrows after buyer's remorse has set in and that 'perfect weekender' no longer seems all that perfect. Why, you could even move into the pub's 'group accommodation' which is inside an authentic 1911 NSW Railway van.

I haven't checked out the room rates yet but I guess even I could afford to stay there when I visit you after you've bought this little gem. Just don't wait around for too long because, as the advertisement also says, "this is a truly peaceful block and will be very popular so get in quick!"

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