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Saturday, February 5, 2022

Nice cool morning for a change


What's the day today? I don't know! Call it Blursday because one day blurs into another and, before you know it, it's another weekend - a weekend after a week of Sundays.

On any day ending with a 'y' we go for our walk through the village of Nelligen, now that traffic signs have been adjusted to Padma's height ...

... up and down hills ...

... past our equine friend Maverick ...

... and past gates that make us wonder who lives behind them.

I'll be sitting out the rest of weekend with three books and a DVD recently acquired from my favourite op-shop, the St Vincent de Paul Society, or Vinnies for short. It turns out that "China Cry" is also on YouTube but who am I to begrudge Vinnies the extra two dollars?


I highly recommend Michael Lewis' FLASHBOYS


However, to save you the extra two dollars, I've added its link here.

Googlemap Riverbend


P.S. Nothing much escapes www.archive.org, especially if it's already slightly dated, so here are the online reading links to "Great Southern Landings" and "This Fabulous Century". And, of course, you already know the drill: SIGN UP (it's FREE!), LOG IN, and BORROW. Happy reading! (and while you're add it, click on DONATE and give them a few dollars)