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Friday, February 18, 2022

The last trip is by car bigger than my little FORD Focus


The first couple of hundred metres up Boot Hill are the worst, but there the bitumen stops and Runnyford Road levels out to a gently undulating walk all the way down the Buckenbowra River and back to the Princes Highway south of Bateman Bay.

Not that we walk that far! We start off from a point near the B52 spot on the map, and are happy to reach the fork in the road marked in yellow. There we take a long swig from the old waterbottle before heading back to Nelligen. Perhaps one day we'll complete the walk.

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Of course, I could make things easier by driving all the way up to the cemetery and start from there, but I save that for the day when they pick me up and drive me there in a car bigger than my little FORD Focus. Without getting technical about it, I think it's called a hearse.

Googlemap Riverbend