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Friday, November 25, 2022

Far from Surfside, and even farther from the surf

11429 Princes Highway, Surfside, NSW 2536, $2.65 million - click here


It's all relative, they say, and so I keep an eye on properties priced relative to what "Riverbend" might fetch if we put it on the market sometime next year by way of an early pre-Deceased Estate Sale!

'Warrane' has a 12-metre solar-heated pool and is a lovely property on 3.35 acres at the outer reaches of what is deceptively called Surfside but is not even within earshot of the surf. It is for sale at $2.65 million and will certainly find a buyer as it has that unmistakable WOW! factor.

Since we lost our dogs, "Riverbend" hasn't even got the "WOOF! factor, and instead of a 12-metre pool we only have the 120-metre-long river.

However, we are on seven acres, and while 'Warrane' should've been advertised as "Not for light sleepers" because it is right on the Princes Highway with its constant stream of cars and trucks - and especially trucks at night! - "Riverbend" offers peace and quiet by the bucketful.

So, could we expect $2.65 million in a pre-Deceased Estate sale?

Googlemap Riverbend


P.S. For another $2.5 million guerilla in the room, advertised by Rob Routledge, our resident master of run-on sentences, click here.