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Today's quote:

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

It's the only place I'm allowed to open my mouth!


We were up at sparrow's fart to be at the warm-water pool when it opened at six o'clock. Two hours and a hot chocolate with marshmellow later, we were on our way to Ulladulla for our dental appointment with our favourite dentist, Dr Liam Pearce.



Of course, we were early, so we visited our favourite op-shops first. I won't bore you with the booty of books I brought back home, except to show you the cover of the DVD "Hunt for Read October" which I already have and watched more than once. What attracted my attention was the price sticker of $34.95 dating back to when that was still a great deal of money. Today the op-shop sells the same DVD for twenty cents!


Tom Clancy wrote "The Hunt for Red October" based on real events - click here.
You can read the book describing this true event online at www.archive.org.


And that's it for another day. See you later alligator! - or as they say in Pidgin, Lukim yu behain pukpuk!

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