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Friday, November 11, 2022

If it's free, there's probably a catch to it!


Which is what I've just now discovered when idly paging through some of my posts of previous years when I still used the FREE tiny URL service to take the reader to a GOOGLE map of "Riverbend" just below my signature.

That shortened www.tiny.cc/riverbendmap link seemed to work well after I had first registered it with tiny.cc, as it took me straight to the GOOGLE map of "Riverbend", but accidentally clicking on this old link now, it took me straight to - you may have guessed it - a porn site!!!

If you've been looking at old posts from 2019 or earlier - I stopped using this tiny URL service in January 2020 - and you happened to click on www.tiny.cc/riverbendmap and got a totally unexpected result, it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with your computer or my head. It just means that you've fallen victim to another FREE service which once again proves that "If it's free, there's probably a catch to it!"

Googlemap Riverbend (which will NOT take you to a porn site!!!)