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Monday, November 21, 2022

Planning ahead

The left one has my name on it 😀


We're back from the pool and some early-Christmas shopping. The pool management has wheeled out some plastic chairs for the ambulatorily challenged. Are they expecting me to be around for many years to come?

The usual crowd was there, plus Derrin, a newcomer, who supplied his own mnemonic to remember his name by: "Bewitched". Apparently, his parents were bewitched by this American fantasy sitcom television which ran in the mid-sixties, and named him after Samantha's husband.



Everyone remembers the 1982 film "The Man from Snowy River" and the 1988 sequel "The Man from Snowy River II", starring Kirk Douglas and my favourite actress Sigrid Thornton, but how many still remember the far less memorable TV series running to over sixty-five episodes? I don't, and so I picked up the eleven-disc set running to over thirty-eight hours of viewing, together with the 577 minutes of "Follow the Money".



My Danish should be pretty good at the end of those ten hours! 😀

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