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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Journey to Pigeon Island


A very bedraggled and soggy-looking houseboat is anchored just off "Riverbend". It's not so much a rained-out as a drizzled-out day. I wouldn't mind the rain so much as we need to get our watertanks topped up but this incontinent drizzle makes me want to go to my computer and log on.

Logging on - what a laugh! They should have called it stepping off. Like a pensioner at the pokies, I'm gone for all the money which I've just spent on several DVDs on Alby Mangels' website.

What got me shopping in the first place was the above DVD about Pigeon Island. For the past forty years I've had my own connection with Pigeon Island and just have to see what I may have missed out on back then in 1969.

Then I saw Alby's DVD "Sailing Torres Straight" [sic] which brought back memories of my time on Thursday Island in 1977. Ditto with "Namibia". And I just couldn't resist "Land of the Ferals" as I'm sure it shows some of the characters I met in my travels in the Far North.

I've just looked up: the houseboat is gone but it's still drizzling.