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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The garden gnomes are hard at work


Radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, spring onions, capsicums, and beans, plenty of beans, are slowly rearing their little green heads in our vegie garden. Well done, garden gnomes!



And they're all very crunchy, very tasty, and very nutritious because they grow in soil full of worms and natural nutriments with not an ounce of artificial fertiliser.

According to Alex Podolinsky, a naturally fed plant's needs are determined by the sun. In this situation the plant never indulges, never eats too much and all it eats is converted and slowly assimilated. In an artificial fertiliser feeding process, when the plant takes in its water supply, it has to take in soluble salts. To compensate for too much salt the plant takes in more water. Because the plant can't let go of the excess water (its high salt content would then effect it) there is less transpiration and less light intake (less natural regulation by the sun). Thus the overfed plant loses its nutritious qualities and more importantly its taste.