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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vale Dave!

Dave and I on the platform of Babinda Railway Station
when I was on my way to Cairns in early 2011


Just received this bit of sad news: "Peter, letting you know that David Richardson, married to June's mother, ex Thursday Island, now of Babinda, passed away on Monday 15th Oct. He was 82 (?)"

Dave and I had been friends since my time on Thursday Island in 1977 where he worked as carpenter for the Department of Aboriginal and Islander Affairs (DAIA) and also renovated the company house I occupied while working for the Island Industries Board (IIB).

He was a tough little 'Pommie bastard' who'd come out east with the British army fighting the insurgents in what was then Malaya. After demob he moved to Australia and for many years worked on Thursday Island. He kept a shack on Prince of Wales Island (POW) which we sometimes visited. All good memories!

Dave in his dinghy; beach at Hospital Point in background (1977)

Dave's shack on Prince of Wales Island (1977)

Waterfall behind Dave's shack during wet season (1977)

I'd only just mailed a postcard to him a few days ago. It'll no doubt come back as he's moved to a place even Australia Post can't reach. It was good having known you, Dave! Rest in Peace.