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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another day at Ulladulla

A retired accountant gone to the dogs at Ulladulla


It's been our one-day-a-week-away-from-Riverbend day which we spent swimming at the pool in Ulladulla, lunching on a Thai chicken curry at the bowling club, and shopping at our favourite op-shops, Vinnies and Uniting Churhch.

I picked up The Olive Grove - An exhilarating account of leaving the city for life on the land by Patrice Newell who turns out to the partner of Phillip Adams, presenter of Radio National's Late Night Live, my night-cap for the last twenty years, and the property their farm called Elmswood in the Upper Hunter Valley. And Ted Morgan's biography of one of my favourite writers, Somerset Maugham. And for the little woman I picked up How to Kill Your Husband (and other handy household hints) by Kathy Lette (I am still searching for the opposite title for my own reading pleasure).

I also bought - for the princely sum of 10 cents, today's price for yesterday's technology! - a video of Orson Welles' The Stranger which I have since dubbed onto DVD.

And that's it for another week.